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Baby playing peekaboo in towel

When and How to Give Baby First Bath?

You’ve made it through labour, and cuddled your little bundle of joy for hours doing nothing but stare at their sleeping face. There’s a good chance that you’ve had a few visitors pass him or her around, and comment on that gorgeous newborn baby smell. All the while, you’re cringing whilst thinking about how the little cutie probably smells like rotten meat since they haven’t yet been washed, and still have the remnants of amnitotic fluid, blood and lord knows...

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What is the Best Baby Monitor?

One of the most “gadgety” purchases that you make when planning for your new baby, is choosing your baby monitor. I enjoyed this purchase; it felt a little bit like buying a new mobile phone. Most of the features are very standard across all models, so how do you decide other than based on price? I’m going to try and help you figure out what is the best baby monitor, based on the various features which are found on most makes and models of monitor.

First things...

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Toddler with headphones

Kids’ Headphones for Kindle Fire

Our little boy LOVES having his Kindle Fire to watch his favourite TV shows on during long car journeys. However, anyone who has had to drive along to the continual whiney voices of Topsy and Tim for 2 hours knows how this can really grate at your cool, calm driving nature very quickly! And so the time had come for me to look at the best kids’ headphones for kindle fire. Our resulting purchase:

Groov-e Kiddies Headphones with Volume Limiter

These little beauties...

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