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Gro Egg Baby Thermometer

Gro Egg Baby Thermometer – Do You Really Need One?

I’ve always been OCD about the temperature in my son’s bedroom. The Gro Egg baby thermometer offers an accurate and easy to check way of monitoring the temperature in your nursery or child’s bedroom and it receives rave reviews from everyone I speak to or when I read about it online. However, I’m not sure whether it’s just another gimmicky gadget that is totally unnecessary for you to spend money on? They’re not expensive, with an RRP of £21.95 (and can usually...

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Baby Bouncer Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

What is the Best Baby Bouncer? My Top 3 Picks

Ah the baby bouncer… some parents can’t live without them. Speaking as a parent of a baby who suffered from reflux that had to be medicated right through to the age of 15 months, a baby bouncer can be a great place to sit your baby after a feed so that they are not flat on their back and gargling on vomit. What is the best baby bouncer for a baby with reflux? What is the best baby bouncer for a newborn baby to nap in? What is the best baby bouncer for...

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Zen Soto

Essential Oil Diffuser – For a Healthy Family Home

Firstly I have to apologise for the gap in my posts. We’ve had a sickly household this 10 days and looking after a poorly toddler whilst 7 months pregnant and living on a building site is hard work! My little saving grace this week has been my essential oil diffuser, gently trickling away in the one decent room in the house whilst we lounge around coughing, sniffling and generally feeling sorry for ourselves!  Now that I’m feeling better, I’m here to tell you a...

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