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Toddler bubble bath

How to Wash Toddler Hair Without Tears

And oh what a battle it can be… Our eldest son HATED having his hair washed. If you’ve come here looking for the ultimate answer on how to wash toddler hair, then I’m afraid I might not be able to help. What I can do is offer lots of different ideas that you can try, and hopefully figure out what works best for your little gem.

Simple instructions

Silly as it may sound, once your child can understand you well, probably from around 18 months of age, by giving...

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Gro blackout blind

Gro Blackout Blind

If you’ve read my post How to get a Toddler to Sleep Through the Night – 5 top tricks, you will know that I recommend blackout blinds are installed into your children’s bedrooms. Before we installed permanent blackout blinds, I trialled whether they would improve my son’s sleep by using the Gro Blackout Blind for a few weeks. Here’s a brief summary of how our sleepless nights took a turn for the better from the day our Gro Blackout Blind was delivered….

The Good:

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