9 best gadgets for babies

9 Best Gadgets for Babies

I know I don’t always write about “gadgets” per se, I’ve often extended the meaning to cover anything that’s a useful tool for your baby or toddler. This article though, will focus purely on the best gadgets for babies: high tech items which will make your life with a baby easier. Not necessarily “essentials”, but definitely nice to have if you can afford them!


1. Nanny’s Choice No Touch Thermometer

Pros: No need to wake your poorly baby to check their9 Best Gadgets for Babies - Nannys Choice Tjermometer temperature, can also check temperature of bottles and bath water.

Cons: Not as accurate as in-ear or rectal thermometer.

The Nanny’s Choice thermometer has an infrared heat sensor so you don’t need to make any contact with your child to take their temperature. It’s really easy to use and read, and perfect for when your poorly baby is sleeping as a quick check that they don’t have a fever.

Buy from Amazon.com

RRP £65.50


2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine9 best gadgets for babies - tommee tippee perfect prep

Pros: Perfect temperature bottle within 2 minutes.

Cons: Expensive machine and expensive filters need replacing every 3 months.

When you’ve got a screaming hungry newborn, the Perfect prep can be a sanity saver knowing that you can have their bottle ready within 2 minutes. For full details, you can read my full review here.

Buy from John Lewis

RRP £125.99


3. Yoomi Self Warming Bottles9 best gadgets for babies - Yoomi

Pros: Ready to feed, warm breastmilk straight from the fridge.

Cons: Heating cells need replacing approximately every 6 months.

The Yoomi self-warming bottles can heat fridge cold breastmilk to body temperature within 60 minutes. The teats have been designed to avoid nipple confusion in breastfed babies, and are anti colic. You need to ‘charge’ the warmer in the microwave or by boiling prior to use, but then you have your very own portable bottle warmer!

Buy from Amazon.com

RRP £24.99 for 240ml feeding system


4. Gro Hush Baby Calmer9 best gadgets for babies - Gro hush

Pros: White noise that won’t damage your baby’s ears.

Cons: Only 3 choices of white noise – may not work for your little one.

White noise can be a total godsend when it comes to fussy babies. The Gro Hush Baby Calmer comes with a preset 75 decibels to avoid damaging your baby’s hearing, and is designed to only emit the sound in one direction so as to avoid annoying other people in the room (believe me, this is a huge downfall of using white noise for your baby when they are trying to sleep in your bedroom and you have to endure that hairdryer/vacuum cleaner/tumble dryer noise for the 90th night in a row!).

Buy from Amazon.com

RRP £24.99


5. Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT²9 best gadgets for babies - flip xt2

Pros: Easy fold, folds into an unbelievably tiny size! Choice of bundles available.

Cons: Carrycot must be purchased separately or as part of a bundle.

This pushchair is SO easy to fold (you may even be able to master it one-handed with some practise) and when folded it fits into the tiniest of car boots. It’s a great middle price range pushchair suitable from birth, and one of the most important things for mums…. It comes in a great range of colours. Too many things to write about here, so I’ll work on a full review in the near future.

Buy from Mamas & Papas

RRP £529.99 – £579.99 depending on colour


6. Momsense The Smart Breastfeeding Meter9 best gadgets for babies - Momsense smart breastfeeding meter

Pros: Helps to reassure breastfeeding mums.

Cons: Expensive piece of non-essential kit!

Every breastfeeding mum has some worries about whether their baby is getting enough milk. There are plenty of apps out there for you to monitor the length of time that your baby is nursing, but the great thing about the Momsense meter is that it actually listens to your baby’s sucking and does all the monitoring and analysis for you! A great comfort for any mums with breastfeeding worries.

Buy from John Lewis

RRP £79.99


7. Mam Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottles

Pros: No need for separate steriliser, great for travel.9 best gadgets for babies - Mam self sterilising bottles

Cons: Much more expensive than ordinary bottles.

Ok, they’re not really “self” sterilising, so much as they don’t need you to buy a separate steriliser in order to sterilise them. You add some water to the base of the bottle and microwave for a few minutes. Having one less thing to take with you when travelling is always a bonus when it comes to babies!

Buy from Amazon.com

RRP £17.99 for pack of 3 x 160ml


8. Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor9 best gadgets for babies - Angelcare AC401

Pros: Extra peace of mind when your baby is a newborn = priceless.

Cons: Movement sensor alarm becomes redundant once baby can roll.

Even without the movement sensor pad being used, this is a fantastic baby monitor that provides clear audio, a room thermometer and a night light all in one. You’ll find a more detailed review here.

Buy from Amazon.com

RRP £99.99


9. GB Pockit Stroller9 best gadgets for babies - GB Pockit Stroller

Pros: Folds down into handbag size, lightweight.

Cons: Only suitable from 6 months as this model doesn’t recline.

This is the perfect travel stroller since it folds down into a handbag size, and only weighs 4.3kg (9.5lb) so you can take it onto a plane as your hand luggage! It’s not really a strong build suitable for your everyday pushchair, but is great to take on holiday.

Buy from John Lewis

RRP £149.95



I hope you’ve found this list of gadgets exciting to read about, it’s amazing how many time saving and sanity saving devices exist for parents these days 🙂


Please comment below if you own any of these useful products and would recommend to others, or if you have any further questions!

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