Baby Gadgets

Baby gadgets…. gadgets for babies… all sounds a bit odd, why would a baby need any gadgets?

Of course, really, I’m talking about gadgets that will make your life with an infant easier.

Baby-parent life cycle

The early days of raising your baby go something along the lines of:

  • Feed baby
  • Change baby
  • Try to get baby to sleep
  • Feed yourself
  • Wash yourself
  • Try to get yourself to sleep
  • Be woken by baby within 15 minutes of falling asleep….

…and then the cycle starts again. It’s a constant merry-go-round and you will do anything you can to make your life as easy as possible at that point. Ultimately, you’re looking for anything that saves you enough time that you get through the baby part of the cycle a lot quicker, thereby increasing the amount of time that you get to sleep yourself.

My personal perspective

I’ve been there and done that. My eldest little boy is now almost 2 years old and we had all kinds of problems with him as a baby. He was born prematurely, he had reflux, he had a cow’s milk and soya allergy. I bought so many gadgets, some of which were a total waste of money, but some of them were definite time savers or sleep saviours and therefore what I now would class as an essential item for new parents.

I have baby number two on the way, and in the next few months I will be sorting through and reviewing everything I already own in this area. It’s the perfect time for me to check whether these items are still up to date, whether they are total garbage and need replacing, and think about whether I really need all this “stuff” in my house anyway.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and findings, and adding reviews on each item as I go along, and I hope that this may help you out whether you are parents-to-be, first timers who are struggling along and looking for an easier way, or seasoned pros who just want to check whether there’s any hot new devices they should be adding to their existing inventory.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions along the way, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to drop me a note, or send an email to  I’m always open to trying something new if it works!