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Baby Projector Light Show – Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother

When our son went into his own room and into his proper cot at five and a half months old, he wasn’t sleeping very well at all. We had a number of medical issues to deal with, including allergies and eczema, but my health visitor also suggested trying to make his sleep environment more cosy by introducing a teddy bear comforter and a baby projector light show. I looked into various baby projectors, but my attention was grabbed by the Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother since the reviews suggested it is good for toddlers too and so I felt like I would be getting my money’s worth.

The Good:

  • Plays lullaby music, white noise or rainforest noises
  • Also includes a light show and motion show as well as noise feature, all on the same device
  • Easy to use for the parent and child
  • Attaches securely to cot
  • Battery operated


The Bad:

  • Requires 6 x AA batteries
  • Very loud even on quietest setting


The Details:

Music, lights and motion features

The great thing about this product is that it is a 3-in-1 – you have 3 different modes of operation which is determined by one switch on top of the soother:

  1. Music onlySwitches on Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother
  2. Music + motion
  3. Music + motion + light show

There is a choice of 3 options on the music setting, which you can easily cycle through by pressing a button on the top. The options are lullabies (which plays through about 5 or 6 different songs), nature sounds or white noise. Our son tends to prefer it on the lullaby setting, but every now and again he will change the setting himself now to listen to one of the other options. I find the white noise is too high pitched to be really soothing, but other reviews have said it worked wonders for their baby.

The motion show on the projector is actually some beads which fall down from the top of the machine. They are very hypnotising for babies to watch, and the noise that they make as well as the sound of the motor used to power them back up to the top, also adds to the white noise effect of the machine. The beads are fluorescent and the soother has a black light built in so that as the beads are falling, they light up. The black light doesn’t seem to bother our son as it provides quite a gentle night light effect, and he loves the sound of the beads trickling down.

The light show of the projector I feel is the poorest feature, as it’s simply a tiger, monkey and elephant that light up in a cycle.

If you select the mode with all 3 features turned on, then the soother will run for 30 minutes from when you turn it on. After the first 10 minutes, the motion show ends, 10 minutes later the light show ends, leaving just the music playing for the last 10 minutes. We find that this works really well for helping our son to wind down and he is usually asleep by the end of the 30 minutes.

Some negative reviews of the soother have mentioned that the music and also the raining beads feature of the soother are very loud for something which is supposed to send your baby to sleep. There are two volume settings for the music, and I admit, it is fairly loud even on the quietest setting. Our son obviously likes the noise though as he never has a problem falling to sleep with it playing.

Ease of use

The Shooting Stars Glow Soother already comes with batteries included and ready to use. To operate, you select which of the 3 settings you require using the switch on top of the unit, and then press the honey pot on the front of the soother. This is strategically placed so that your baby can start the soother themselves when a little older, since it’s a simple push button operation. To turn off, you can either press and hold the honey pot, or you can use the switch on top to turn the soother into the off position.

Our little boy figured out how to operate the unit by himself when he was around 11 months of age, and since around 18 months old he has taken to turning it on if he wakes in the middle of the night, to help him to get back to sleep. Great for us, as it means he doesn’t cry or need us to soothe him!

Attaches securely to cot or cribFisher Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother back strap

The soother is designed to fit most cribs and cots and we’ve had no problems with either of ours. You can easily strap the soother onto the cot railings using the plastic strap and cord attached, however it does take a bit of elbow grease to attach it tightly to stop your child from being able to rattle it around.

Once it’s attached, there’s no chance of your child being able to pull it off because of the clever design of the eyelets which hold the strap in place, plus the fact that you can bend and tuck away the excess strapping to avoid your little one from pulling on it. Because of the quality of the device is as usually found with all Fisher-Price products, I’ve never had any qualms over the safety of this product even when our son was much younger.

Battery operated

There’s good and bad points about the soother being battery operated. On a positive note, it doesn’t need to be situated near a power source so it doesn’t matter where your cot or crib is located. However, because of the motor required to move the beads back up to the top of the rainfall feature, the unit requires 6 x AA batteries, which is a huge power source just for what is seemingly a bit of music, lights and motion. You also need a screwdriver in order to replace the batteries, but this is for the safety of your child so that they cannot easily access the batteries and put them into their mouths.

We’ve been using the Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother for more than 18 months now, it gets used on average more than once per day in the most battery draining option, and we’ve only had to replace the batteries twice so far, which I don’t see as being too frequent that it has become a burden.


Overall conclusion

Value for money: 3/5

Style: 3/5

Quality: 5/5

Usefulness: 5/5

Price: RRP £41.25

Buy from: (currently £30 at time of writing)

Although a little more expensive than some other baby projector light shows, I do think you get what you pay for and with this Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother you also get a music and white noise player in the one device. As it’s made by Fisher-Price, I’m not nervous about whether it’s safe for children, and you can tell the product is made to take a few rough knocks from your baby or toddler as it’s very sturdy.

For our son, it’s proved to be a key part of his bedtime routine, and really help to soothe him back to sleep when he wakes at night. We’ve started taking it with us when we stay with friends and relatives now, as it just makes our lives so much easier at bedtime! Highly recommend you give this a go if you’re looking to get more sleep.


I hope you have the same luck as we did with this product, it truly saved our sleep. Comment below if you have any questions or if you’ve used the soother yourself and can confirm or deny it’s value, and please share with friends who are having trouble with their baby or toddler’s sleep, this may the product which makes a difference to them too.


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