Best Bed Rails for Toddlers

Moving your toddler out of their cot and into a proper bed can be daunting for the parents as well as the child. Most parents will worry about their child falling out of bed, particularly if they are in a full size single bed half a metre up from the floor. Here’s a run down of the best bed rails for toddlers, including our tried and tested favourite.


Do I need a bed rail for my toddler?

When we moved our son out of his cot and into a bed, the first step for him was that we would convert his cot bed from the cot, into the bed frame. Essentially this meant he was in a much smaller version of an adult single bed, and not very raised from the floor. Most cot beds are 30cm or less up from the floor, and ours was no exception so we decided not to use a bed rail.

However, if your toddler is a real wriggler in their cot, it still might be worth investing in a bed rail though. Overlooking the fact that a 30cm fall is unlikely to result in any serious injury to your toddler, by using a bed rail you are preventing them from falling out of bed and waking themselves up with a shock.

We did still purchase a bed rail though. Telling our family that he was too big for the travel cot now, and that he had moved into a bed, meant that when we stay with our family, our son had now upgraded to a proper bed at their house. We decided to buy a travel sized bed rail for when we were staying away from home, so that we had the knowledge he wasn’t going to fall out of the adult sized bed he was sleeping in.


Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail

This is our bed rail of choice. We were specifically looking for a travel sized bed rail, so that we could take it with us when we stay with family, since we typically do visit and stay over with family at least once per month.

Whilst the “travel size” rail isn’t especially small (it’s folded size is 71cm x 7cm x 42cm and weighs 2.7kg), it will easily fit into a car boot for a weekend away. Then when you need to use the bed rail, you have to pull the two ends away from each other quite firmly, and there’s a spring locking mechanism to hold the rail stretched out. When extended, it’s as long as a normal bed rail, covering about two-thirds of the length of a full size single bed.

It’s very easy to install, it just slips between the base of the bed and the mattress, and is fairly sturdy when in place. You can also press in the two ends to release the bed rail so that it can be folded down, which is great for getting your little one into bed at bedtime, and then you simply click the rail back up into place when needed.

Although we’ve only used the bed rail a handful of times, it does everything you need and is compact, so I would highly recommend this bed rail for occasional or even everyday use.


Foam Bed Guard Rails

Best Bed Rails for Toddlers - Foam Bed Guard Rails

Rather than using a metal framed bed rail which can be described as “unsightly” and also may hurt your child if they fidget and bang their head or limbs on them during the night, some parents prefer to use these foam rails, which are almost like bowling bumpers. They slip under the bed’s bottom sheet, and work by making a little hill that your child is unlikely to roll up and over. One downside is that they don’t tend to fit under fitted bedsheets, you will need to use a flat sheet over them and then tuck them under the mattress.

These ones are 100cm long, so they will fit in a cot bed or a standard single bed, and can be easily taken in your suitcase on holiday too.


Safetots Extra Wide Wooden Bed Rail

Best Bed Rails for Toddlers - Safetots Extra Wide Wooden Bed Rail

If you’re looking for something more permanent for your child’s bed, and something a little more in fitting with your home decor, this wooden bed rail is a great option. Again, it’s easy to fit, as it requires no fixed installation and simply slips under the mattress to hold the bed rail in place.

There are a choice of colours available (some of which are a little tacky), but for the most aesthetically pleasing finish, I suggest buying the “natural” one and varnishing it yourself, or the “white” colour option will go with everything.



Bed rails are not something that you will be needing to use for a prolonged period of time, but if you are concerned for your child’s safety as they transition into a proper bed, bed rails are something that you should invest in. If you are just about to make the transition from cot to bed, you may find this post useful too.



I would love to hear from you if you have a toddler! Drop me a note below explaining how old your little one is, and whether they use bed rails currently or if you think they are a waste of money? Or if you have an older child who has now stopped using bed rails, how long did you need to use them for? Please comment below and share this post with friends and family making the transition from cot to bed.

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