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Toddler bubble bath

How to Wash Toddler Hair Without Tears

And oh what a battle it can be… Our eldest son HATED having his hair washed. If you’ve come here looking for the ultimate answer on how to wash toddler hair, then I’m afraid I might not be able to help. What I can do is offer lots of different ideas that you can try, and hopefully figure out what works best for your little gem.

Simple instructions

Silly as it may sound, once your child can understand you well, probably from around 18 months of age, by giving...

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Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520

Best Baby Ear Thermometer – Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

It’s another one of those things which parents used to live without, and I have no idea how! We’ve been using what I consider to be the best baby ear thermometer since our little boy caught his first cold. There have been plenty of times when I thought he had a temperature and he didn’t, and also times when I’ve noticed him being particularly grumpy and couldn’t figure out why, only to find he had a temperature and the start of an illness. So what exactly is it...

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Boys and girls go potty

When to Start Potty Training Boys – is he ready?

My little boy turned two years old last week, and for the last couple of months I’ve been thinking about potty training, and when to start potty training boys in particular, considering that boys are generally a little further behind in their development than girls. There’s arguments that boys can be easier to potty train than girls, but ultimately, it’s difficult to find the answer on when to start potty training boys or girls. All of the advice suggests that...

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Toddler Brushing Teeth

Toddler won’t brush teeth? Here’s our secret weapon…

Our little boy HATED brushing his teeth until exactly 5 days ago. We’re currently on holiday with friends, whose little girl is only a few weeks younger, and this game changing piece of advice was divulged on the first night of our the holiday. I honestly don’t know why, but it works. If your toddler won’t brush their teeth, keep reading to unlock the secret to shiny, tiny teeth on your little person.

Our teething journey so far

My son got his first tooth at 8...

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