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Best Bed Rails for Toddlers

Moving your toddler out of their cot and into a proper bed can be daunting for the parents as well as the child. Most parents will worry about their child falling out of bed, particularly if they are in a full size single bed half a metre up from the floor. Here’s a run down of the best bed rails for toddlers, including our tried and tested favourite.

Do I need a bed rail for my toddler?

When we moved our son out of his cot and into a bed, the first step for...

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Gro blackout blind

Gro Blackout Blind

If you’ve read my post How to get a Toddler to Sleep Through the Night – 5 top tricks, you will know that I recommend blackout blinds are installed into your children’s bedrooms. Before we installed permanent blackout blinds, I trialled whether they would improve my son’s sleep by using the Gro Blackout Blind for a few weeks. Here’s a brief summary of how our sleepless nights took a turn for the better from the day our Gro Blackout Blind was delivered….

The Good:

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Gro Egg Baby Thermometer

Gro Egg Baby Thermometer – Do You Really Need One?

I’ve always been OCD about the temperature in my son’s bedroom. The Gro Egg baby thermometer offers an accurate and easy to check way of monitoring the temperature in your nursery or child’s bedroom and it receives rave reviews from everyone I speak to or when I read about it online. However, I’m not sure whether it’s just another gimmicky gadget that is totally unnecessary for you to spend money on? They’re not expensive, with an RRP of £21.95 (and can usually...

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Gro Clock

Toddler Sleep Training Clock – The Gro Company Gro-Clock Review

Anybody who has ever had sleep problems with their baby or toddler is always on the look out for that must have gadget which will solve everything. An overtired parent becomes a grumpy parent, and so it’s vitally important for both yourself and those who are around you every day – be it family, friends, or colleagues – that you get the most sleep possible. A toddler sleep training clock is the kind of thing that you’re never really convinced it will work for...

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Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier – How to Stop Your Baby Crying

Before my son was born, we purchased a baby carrier. Very stupidly, I didn’t really do any research back then, and ended up purchasing a Baby Bjorn “leg dangler” carrier, which I now know to be the cause of hip development problems in some babies. When he was around 8 months old and getting too heavy for the Baby Bjorn, I decided to invest in a new carrier, and this is when I stumbled across the Ergo Baby Carrier. The Ergo Baby Carrier is ergonomically designed...

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From Cot to Bed – How to Ease the Transition for your Toddler

I’m writing this post as my little boy is about to make the big move from cot to bed, at the tender age of 2 years old. We are planning to make the change in a few weeks’ time, at the same time he will also move into his bigger new bedroom. As I, myself, research how to make the transition from cot to bed as easy as possible on the child, I wanted to pass on some advice, and I’ll provide an update a couple of months down the line as to how things progress,...

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Sleeping Toddler on Mum's Shoulder

How to get a Toddler to Sleep Through the Night – 5 top tricks

Most new parents realise that they won’t be getting the same amount of sleep after child as before child. I knew that having a baby would mean I wouldn’t get a proper night’s sleep for 6 months or so. However, what I didn’t realise is that this doesn’t just last for the first 6 months, it could go on for years. If you’re reaching exhaustion after a year or more of not sleeping, then you’ll want to keep reading for my tips on how to get a toddler to sleep through...

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