Does Dry Shampoo Work? New Mums Listen Up!

Before having my first child, I had never used dry shampoo other than borrowing some from a friend at a festival. My NCT group of friends were all talking about the joys of dry shampoo when we first met up with our month old newborns, and I found myself asking them “Does Dry Shampoo Work?!” They were quite astonished that I had never used dry shampoo before, seemingly it was a staple item in their bathroom cabinets and I had been missing out on this beauty gem in my beauty regime for years.


What’s a Beauty Regime Anyway….?

Pre-baby, I washed my hair every second day as a minimum. I have always been the kind of person who likes to splash out on good quality beauty products, I would cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously, and whilst I had the occasional weekend couch potato session, I generally took pride in my appearance every day.

How things change. In the newborn days, I was making the time to make sure I still had a daily shower, but dedicating the 15 minutes to blow dry my hair afterwards was too big a commitment. I was finding myself going 4 or 5 days without washing my hair – it just seemed like such a waste of my precious time. Everyone tells you to sleep whilst baby sleeps after all!

Despite all of this, I was desperate to find a way to overcome the “mumsy” lazy look I had been rocking for the last month. I needed to get back a piece of my former self, and whilst I still had quite a few pounds to lose, I could certainly start to work on the rest of my appearance. Could dry shampoo be part of the answer?

Blow dryer hell


What is Dry Shampoo?

Everybody knows what shampoo is… it’s the detergent stuff that you put onto your hair whilst you’re taking a bath or shower, and it cleans the grease and dirt from your hair. These types of shampoos require you to lather up, and then rinse to remove the residue and dirt left behind.

So how does dry shampoo work? Well, it usually comes in either a powder or spray form, and you apply it to the roots of your hair only. The ingredients within dry shampoo then soak up the excess oil on your hair roots, helping it to look refreshed, volumised, and often even better than if you had washed your hair!


How to Use Dry Shampoo

My personal favourite is dry shampoo in a spray, because it’s so easy to apply and you are less likely to apply too much. These days, I manage to go 3 days between washes, by using dry shampoo on the day before my next wash.

The best way to apply it is:

  • Tip your head upside down.
  • Hold the can 10-15cm (4-6in) away from your head.
  • Aim the spray at your roots and then give a few short blasts all over.
  • Keep your head upside down for another 5 seconds, then use your fingers to roughly spread the spray around your hair.
  • Flip your head back up, brush and style as normal.


Tips and Tricks of Dry Shampoo

  • Don’t apply too much dry shampoo, otherwise you will overload your hair and it will look flat. If you don’t think you’ve applied enough, you can always add a bit more later on, but you can’t undo it once you’ve put too much on.
  • Don’t worry if your hair looks a bit white when you first spray it on, once the oil soaks into the dry shampoo, it will lose the white powdery effect. If you have really dark hair, you may benefit from using a coloured dry shampoo so that there is no chance of the white powdery look.
  • Don’t keep touching your hair after you’ve applied and styled your hair, you will only end up adding further excess oil to your hair which kind of defeats the point.
  • You can apply dry shampoo more than once in between washing your hair, but I would only do this on occasion, otherwise you can end up with a build up of product in your hair. When you come to wet-wash your hair, you may want to give it an extra wash and rinse to help balance this out.


Recommended products

Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99-£3.99)

Cheap and cheerful, but gets the job done! It comes in a variety of fragrances, and I find the Divine Dark coloured option for brunette hair blends right in with no hints of white powder being left behind.


Label M Dry Shampoo Brunette (£12.95)

Really great for adding volume at the same time as soaking up your excess oil. The sugary sweet smell can be a bit too much for some, but it’s s great product if you can get past that! There’s also a cheaper version for all hair colours, but I’m personally a fan of the brunette version so that I don’t get any visible residue.


Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo (£14.50)

If you’re a fan of the tousled bed head look, then this entire product range is great. This dry shampoo adds lots of texture, so is great if you’re wanting to apply and then put your hair into an up-do.



Dry shampoo DEFINITELY works, and should become a staple part of your savvy mummy monthly beauty buys. You will be grateful for the extra 15 minutes in bed with that extra day in between washes!


Have I converted any of you to becoming dry shampoo addicts? Do you have any other tips for newbie dry shampooers that you would like to share? Please let me know in the comments below!

2 responses to “Does Dry Shampoo Work? New Mums Listen Up!

  1. Martina

    Great post. Any way you can cut a few minutes off of necessary routines (and still look like a normal functioning adult!) is a plus when little ones are involved! I have used dry shampoo occassionally, but only when my hair is styled certain ways where dry shampoo was a way to cleanse the hair without messing with the style.

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Martina,

      I totally agree! I think that pre-children I would spend around 45-60 minutes getting ready each day, and now I have mastered it in 20-30 minutes. Dry shampoo gives me one day more of 10 minutes longer in bed, which after being up for multiple toddler and baby wake ups in the night, can be a blessing!

      Do you have a favourite brand of dry shampoo or have you used any of these ones that I recommend here?



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