Gro Egg Baby Thermometer

Gro Egg Baby Thermometer – Do You Really Need One?

I’ve always been OCD about the temperature in my son’s bedroom. The Gro Egg baby thermometer offers an accurate and easy to check way of monitoring the temperature in your nursery or child’s bedroom and it receives rave reviews from everyone I speak to or when I read about it online. However, I’m not sure whether it’s just another gimmicky gadget that is totally unnecessary for you to spend money on? They’re not expensive, with an RRP of £21.95 (and can usually be found for as little as £15 online), but here are a few things to consider before purchasing one…


#1 Do you already have a room thermometer?

I don’t mean to state the obvious, but if you’ve already got a thermometer in the room, then why waste your money on another one? Unless of course, you’re really OCD and want to have two thermometers to check for accuracy! I’m not just talking about stand alone room thermometers here. Consider if you already have a thermometer built into another device such as your baby monitor. These will be accurate enough to give you a good idea of how warm or cold the room is.

#2 Will you use the information from the thermometer?

If you’re the kind of person that won’t bother to check the temperature and make use of it – by which I mean you will adjust your child’s bed clothes or sheets based on the reading – then what is the point? As I said before, I’m quite OCD about this kind of thing, but I know plenty of other parents who would just say “what’s the point of having a thermometer? If it’s hot, take some clothes off. If it’s cold, put more clothes on.” Which type of parent are you?

#3 Could you make better use of the money?

Let’s face it, the point made above does stand true. You can usually tell if a room is too hot or too cold, and once your little one is old enough to regulate their own body temperature (usually within the first 12 weeks of their life), they will need their room to be at a similar temperature to what an adult will find comfortable, 16°C – 20°C. So if the £15 – £22 could be better spent on anything else, then I would strongly advise you don’t buy the Gro Egg baby thermometer for your nursery.

Benefits of the Gro Egg

Assuming that you’ve considered the above, and still love the idea of the Gro Egg (I’m with you 😉 ), then here’s a quick run down of the features.

  • Digital thermometer accurate to 0.1°C or 1°F
  • Permanently backlit LED screen is easy to read in the dark
  • Colour changing through four different colours depending on temperature
    • Blue – too cold
    • Yellow – just right
    • Orange – still safe but a warning that the room is warm
    • Red – too hot
  • Light provides a soft glowing nightlight
  • Mains operated


Overall conclusionGro Egg in Box

Value for money: 4/5

Style: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Usefulness: 2/5

Price: RRP £21.95

Buy from: (currently £15.00 at time of writing)

The usefulness of the product is debatable. Having a room at the correct temperature can be the difference between life and death for an infant, since overheating is a major contributor to SIDS. However, the Gro Egg is just that – a fancy thermometer. I believe a room thermometer of some kind is a definite necessity in your infant or toddler’s room, but since almost every baby monitor comes with a thermometer built into it these days, I wouldn’t spend your money on a separate thermometer. Other than that, the Gro Egg baby thermometer is a stylish and fairly inexpensive addition to any nursery, and the Gro Company’s usual quality runs true here.


Please comment below on whether you agree or disagree on the necessity of a room thermometer in your baby’s room. Does your baby monitor have a thermometer already built in like the Chicco Top Digital Audio Baby Monitor does?

4 responses to “Gro Egg Baby Thermometer – Do You Really Need One?

  1. Luke

    It’s crazy how many gizzmos and gadgets are out there for babies and kids these days. I personally believe that babies are way tougher than we consider them to be. They can survive so many crazy conditions and since I’ve traveled to many third world countries I’ve seen this first hand. If you have the funds this might be great!

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Luke,

      You’re right, the baby market is definitely overloaded with so many unnecessary items! Personally though, I love to have a thermometer of some kind so that I know that my LO is dressed correctly / has the right number of blankets on / I’m not just having a hot flush or coming down with an illness! I’m also the kind of person who checks the weather on their phone every day though, rather than looking out of the window and going with my gut instinct…

      As I say in the article though, it’s not an absolute necessity to buy the Gro Egg Baby Thermometer. If the money can be better spent on something else for your child, there are definitely plenty of other items which are more essential!



  2. Lauren Kinghorn

    For me, it’s a no…I can’t see the necessity of a room thermometer in my son’s room. But then, we are still co-sleeping (and we co-slept when he was a baby too) so I know the room temperature and can throw the duvet on him if it feels like he’s getting cold, or turn the fan on if he’s too hot. I’ve noticed that he feels the heat more than the cold anyway (we live in a hot country, South Africa).

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Lauren,

      I know that there are lots of people like you out there – “if it’s hot, take clothes off, if it’s cold, put clothes on!”

      I’m just not great at knowing what feels “normal”! We live in a big, old house and I have it in my head that it is always cold, but I know that’s not the case when my thermometer tells me it’s 20°C. I’ve recently been pregnant (always hot), and then given birth in winter (always cold), but I love my gadgets to put everything into perspective for me. All babies are different too, you mention you son is a hot baby, my boys both seem to be cold babies and need the extra layers.

      Do you have room thermometers anywhere in your house? I’m interested to know what a “normal” room temp would be in South Africa? Do you need to use air conditioning?



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