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Kids’ Headphones for Kindle Fire

Our little boy LOVES having his Kindle Fire to watch his favourite TV shows on during long car journeys. However, anyone who has had to drive along to the continual whiney voices of Topsy and Tim for 2 hours knows how this can really grate at your cool, calm driving nature very quickly! And so the time had come for me to look at the best kids’ headphones for kindle fire. Our resulting purchase:

Groov-e Kiddies Headphones with Volume Limiter

These little beauties arrived a couple of days ago, and the delight on my son’s face when he saw them (still in the plastic packaging), was instantly obvious. He’s been wanting to watch his TV shows solely on his Kindle Fire instead of on the television just so that he can wear his headphones!

We bought our pair for less than £10 (RRP £12.99) from Amazon, and already I feel like we’ve got our money’s worth out of them!

 Groov-e Kiddies Headphones with Volume Limiter and Kindle Fire

The Good:

  • Volume limited to 85dB
  • Adjustable headband
  • Cushioned ear pads for a comfortable fit
  • Long 1.2m wire
  • Excellent sound quality considering the low price tag
  • Sturdy build

The Bad:

  • Limited colour options
  • Does not come with cover/carry bag

The Details:

Volume limiter

Volume limited to 85dBOne of the main reasons for me picking this particular brand and model was because of the volume limiter. Our little boy likes things that are LOUD, and I couldn’t risk him damaging his ears at such an early age. I would highly recommend that when you are looking at purchasing headphones for any child that you consider volume limitation.

I’ve tested the volume of his Kindle Fire at full volume with these headphones plugged in, and I find it to be a perfect level of loudness. However I must point out that 85dB is the maximum recommended for adults, and no major studies have tested this with children. The guidance states that you should restrict a child’s use of headphones to two hours per day, even when limited to 85dB.

At 85dB, I think that he should be able to hear everything just fine, even when we are driving on noisy concrete highways, but it’s not so loud that he will be giving himself a headache. I will always be setting the volume a little lower (approximately three-quarters of maximum), but it’s reassuring to have the knowledge that he can’t really turn it up too much.

Adjustable headband

The headphones are recommended for age 3+, however my almost 2 year old doesn’t seem to have any problem with the fit of the headphones when he has them on the smallest sizing of the headband.

I’m also pleased to say that if I take the sizing up to maximum, they are still too big even for me. So they will definitely last him with increasing the sizing as his head grows.

Cushioned ear pads

The headphones are truly comfortable and I can’t believe that they cost less than £10 if I’m honest. I also have a pair of Dr Dre’s Beats and the only difference really is that the ear pads on the Groov-e Kiddies Headphones is that they are smaller so that they fit better onto a child’s ears. They completely cover my son’s ears, and I’m sure that is helping to block out the external noise for him too whilst he is wearing them.

1.2m wire

Coming with a decent amount of cable means that these headphones can be used in a variety of situations. They wouldn’t be long enough to plug into a television to ensure that you would be sitting far enough away from it, however they are perfect for plugging into the Kindle Fire when it is mounted onto the headrest of the front seat on our long car journeys. It’s also more than long enough for a child of any age to have a device in a pocket or backpack and to be using the headphones whilst walking along.

I must also point out that part of the reason for the 3+ age warning on the headphones is because of them being wired. Wired headphones pose a strangulation risk for toddlers, so always make sure your child is supervised whilst using them.

Groov-e Kiddies HeadphonesSound quality

Let me just say this one more time, these headphones cost less than £10.

You will not be able to believe the quality of the sound that you are getting for that amount of money. Now obviously they don’t compare to the Beats, but they are more than sufficient for listening to TV and movies with clarity of voices, and also music still sounds like it has depth and bass.


Build quality

The headphones are plastic, but not flimsy. I’ve stretched them out a few times to see whether they are going to snap when my little boy inevitably does the same, but they are really quite strong and sturdy. He’s been clattering around with them dragging along the floor at times and there’s not even a scuff mark on them yet. Saying that, because they are plastic, they are also very lightweight, so not too arduous for a toddler to carry around in their own little backpack when you are travelling out and about.

Obviously since we’ve only had these headphones for a few days, I can’t really comment on how the test of time will fare on them, but our little boy loves them already and I have a feeling they will be coming everywhere with us.

Colour options

I’m never a huge fan of gender specific colouring of toys and clothes etc. Our little boy has quite a few pink items. However it’s worth me pointing out that if you want the version with the volume limiter, they only come in two colours options – blue/green or pink/purple. If you are purchasing for an older child who can be trusted not to turn the volume too high, then there’s a few more colour options available.

Cover/carry bag

When we go on holiday, I can envisage popping these into a little carrying sack, and then into my little boy’s backpack so that he could carry his own carry on items. However, the headphones don’t come with a case/cover/bag, so I’ll have to source one for myself.


Overall conclusion:

Value for money: 5/5

Style: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Usefulness: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

Buy from:

I wouldn’t class this as “highly essential”, but if you have a toddler who will only sit still if they are allowed to watch TV or play a game on their tablet, then using headphones will be the easiest way to ensure you don’t go insane listening to the annoying noises it emits.

If you’re considering buying headphones for your little one, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these because of their value for money – the quality of the item for such a small price tag is not something you will regret.



If you have any questions or thoughts on this item, please comment below. You can also read my review of the Kindle Fire Kids Edition here. If you like the article please share with your friends and come back soon for more!

10 responses to “Kids’ Headphones for Kindle Fire

  1. Erika

    I’ve been looking into things for my little brother with a limiter (He’s 13 years younger than me). He is always blasting music that I can hear in the other room on his headphones! I think that just that aspect would benefit him greatly. The review was great. He also seems to break things easily being a young boy! I think these would be able to last longer, hopefully, seeing how they’re made and since they are for kids! Thanks you helping me decide. I think I will try them out since they are only $12.

    1. Caroline

      Hi Erika,

      I’m glad that you found the review useful. These headphones will definitely last for slightly older children too, so I would say go ahead and purchase them. They look pretty funky too in my opinion, and not dissimilar to similar adult over ear styles so I wouldn’t think he would find them too childish.

      Definitely great value for money!


  2. bbradd

    hello Caroline, straight away i need to say i absolutely love your site. i do not have any babies or toddlers but my friends and relatives do and i will certainly be coming here the next time i need to buy a present. i found this headphone review to be very detailed and exactl;y the sort of thing i want to read before buying anything for a youngster. thanks!

    1. Caroline

      Hi bbradd,

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you found the review useful, please do share my site with your friends and family who have youngsters.

      I’m really a tech geek at heart so will always be filling in all those details when it comes to a review, not just “it looks pretty”! 🙂


  3. mnjfball

    HI there! This looks like a great product! I like the volume limiter because I know my little guy likes to mess with things, and I’m sure he will figure out how to move the volume up and down which could potentially damage his ears. I do have a question- Can your little guy put the headphones on independently? Or do you have to help him? I’m just thinking about my little guy trying to put them on while I’m driving and wondering if he will have to have my help.

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Caroline Post author


      How old is your little one? My son isn’t quite 2 years old and whilst he can’t quite get them on by himself, he does make a pretty good attempt and I don’t think it will be long until he figures it out. He loves wearing them as we keep telling him he’s a cool dude 🙂

      Definitely saved my sanity on long car journeys!


  4. Teresa

    These headphones are a great idea and they look super sturdy. I bought a set for my 2 year old a few months ago and they were super flimsy and the left ear stopped working after only a few uses. I think I will try these out as he loves watching movies on the Kindle Fire. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Teresa,

      Yes, you really need to think about longevity and build quality of products when it comes to toddlers! Our little boy likes to stretch everything and push them to breaking point, but these headphones are still going strong thankfully. They seem to be really comfy for him to wear too, he fell asleep with them on last week in the car!

      Please let me know how you get on with them, I hope your son gets some good use out of them, they are great value.


  5. Matthew

    Omg!!! I need this in my life!!
    My 2yr old is forever pinching my headphones to listen to his favourite shows on the tablet (which he pinches off his brother’s I have to add) and has broke 2 sets already.
    It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with a case, but if you say they are pretty durable there shouldn’t be a need for it should there?
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Matthew,

      They are still going strong in our household, although I do think a case would be useful if you are going to be carrying them around a lot. Ours tend to live in the pocket in the back seat of the car, and so we get away with not having a case for them. I have to admit, I was a little worried when the 11 month old grabbed hold of the wire and tugged on it the other day, but they even managed to withstand that abuse!



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