Parent Gadgets

“Me time”

Let’s face it, we all need down time. I’ll be honest, since my little boy has started to be awake for longer periods of awake time, I’ve had to juggle finding the perfect length of nap versus the perfect bedtime. And let me tell you, sometimes I cannot wait for bedtime. At the grand old age of his 2 years, my little boy has still managed to keep me from mastering the art of getting him to be in his cotbed and asleep by 8pm every night.

The parent gadgets that I’m going to be providing my reviews and opinions of will be items that I consider to be life hacks. They won’t be related directly to your children, because if they were, they would fall into the baby gadgets or toddler gadgets category. I’m talking about the kind of essential items that all good adults of childbearing age should have in their house.

Mostly they will be aimed at ways to save you time and money, and to gain more sleep, but also I’ll throw in a few things which are just for fun. We are still allowed to have fun even when we have kids right?

Random useful information

Admittedly, I am a fountain of useless information. However, I’ve also been nicknamed “random” by a few friends in the past, because I always seem to come out with some random pivotal tidbit of information, or key product that they should know about that will change their lives forever. I fully intend to pass on some of these highlights to you (as and when I randomly think of them of course!), and I would love to hear anything from you that you would like me to share with the other readers which fit the bill.

Anything else?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions along the way, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to drop me a note, or send an email to  I’m always open to trying something new if it works!