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5 Reasons Why Your 2 Year Old Won’t Eat

Every child goes through phases of not wanting to eat, and often there’s a good reason for it. I’ve put together a list of common reasons your 2 year old won’t eat when they seem otherwise well in themselves, and I’ve suggested some ways to get over this frustrating problem. I hate wasting food so I do my best to avoid it at all costs!

Reason 1 – Teething

While some children may have all of their teeth by the time they are 2 years old, the majority are still...

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When to Stop Using a High Chair

You may not be able to believe that this small child was once a tiny baby incapable of sitting upright in the highchair for more than 10 minutes at a time. Yes, I’m talking about your toddler, who now wants to assert their independence and is refusing the go in the high chair. Do you know when to stop using a high chair? It can be different for every child, for example my friend’s little girl has been trying to avoid the high chair since our kids were 18 months...

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Gro blackout blind

Gro Blackout Blind

If you’ve read my post How to get a Toddler to Sleep Through the Night – 5 top tricks, you will know that I recommend blackout blinds are installed into your children’s bedrooms. Before we installed permanent blackout blinds, I trialled whether they would improve my son’s sleep by using the Gro Blackout Blind for a few weeks. Here’s a brief summary of how our sleepless nights took a turn for the better from the day our Gro Blackout Blind was delivered….

The Good:

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Gro Egg Baby Thermometer

Gro Egg Baby Thermometer – Do You Really Need One?

I’ve always been OCD about the temperature in my son’s bedroom. The Gro Egg baby thermometer offers an accurate and easy to check way of monitoring the temperature in your nursery or child’s bedroom and it receives rave reviews from everyone I speak to or when I read about it online. However, I’m not sure whether it’s just another gimmicky gadget that is totally unnecessary for you to spend money on? They’re not expensive, with an RRP of £21.95 (and can usually...

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Gro Clock

Toddler Sleep Training Clock – The Gro Company Gro-Clock Review

Anybody who has ever had sleep problems with their baby or toddler is always on the look out for that must have gadget which will solve everything. An overtired parent becomes a grumpy parent, and so it’s vitally important for both yourself and those who are around you every day – be it family, friends, or colleagues – that you get the most sleep possible. A toddler sleep training clock is the kind of thing that you’re never really convinced it will work for...

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Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier – How to Stop Your Baby Crying

Before my son was born, we purchased a baby carrier. Very stupidly, I didn’t really do any research back then, and ended up purchasing a Baby Bjorn “leg dangler” carrier, which I now know to be the cause of hip development problems in some babies. When he was around 8 months old and getting too heavy for the Baby Bjorn, I decided to invest in a new carrier, and this is when I stumbled across the Ergo Baby Carrier. The Ergo Baby Carrier is ergonomically designed...

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Fisher Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother in Box

Baby Projector Light Show – Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother

When our son went into his own room and into his proper cot at five and a half months old, he wasn’t sleeping very well at all. We had a number of medical issues to deal with, including allergies and eczema, but my health visitor also suggested trying to make his sleep environment more cosy by introducing a teddy bear comforter and a baby projector light show. I looked into various baby projectors, but my attention was grabbed by the Fisher-Price Shooting Stars...

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Angelcare parent unit

Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

If you’ve read my What is the Best Baby Monitor? guide, you have probably already noticed that I’m not a fan of all-singing-all-dancing baby monitors, however one of my best friends has the Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor, and I got to see it in action and discuss it whilst on holiday with them last week. These friends like to have the best of everything, so it came as no surprise to me when they chose one of the top brands of baby monitor, and...

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Boys and girls go potty

When to Start Potty Training Boys – is he ready?

My little boy turned two years old last week, and for the last couple of months I’ve been thinking about potty training, and when to start potty training boys in particular, considering that boys are generally a little further behind in their development than girls. There’s arguments that boys can be easier to potty train than girls, but ultimately, it’s difficult to find the answer on when to start potty training boys or girls. All of the advice suggests that...

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Toddler Brushing Teeth

Toddler won’t brush teeth? Here’s our secret weapon…

Our little boy HATED brushing his teeth until exactly 5 days ago. We’re currently on holiday with friends, whose little girl is only a few weeks younger, and this game changing piece of advice was divulged on the first night of our the holiday. I honestly don’t know why, but it works. If your toddler won’t brush their teeth, keep reading to unlock the secret to shiny, tiny teeth on your little person.

Our teething journey so far

My son got his first tooth at 8...

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