Toddler Gadgets

What exactly is a “toddler”?

Your “baby” becomes a “toddler” once they start learning to walk, since the word is derived from “to toddle”. Most frequently, people are referring to a toddler when they mean a small child between the age of approximately one to three years old.

Ages and stages

So by this point, you’ve made it through the worst of the sleep deprivation. Chances are that your child sleeps through a good chunk of the night and only wakes once for milk. If you lucked out, you may even have an angel child who is sleeping through the night. I can’t promise that this will last!

All kinds of things crop up which can make you feel like you’ve jumped back to having a newborn again. Teething (molars are the WORST!), illnesses and separation anxiety are all still at play, and you will still need to find time saving gadgets to help restore your sanity levels.

Why do I need gadgets for a toddler?

At this point, your child is a lot more active, toddling round after you, wanting to play with toys, and also wanting to play with other items which aren’t toys – remote controls, mobile phones, kitchen appliances are all appealing to your little person. So gadgets at this age can be just as much about entertainment for your child, as they are for you to save time and sanity!

Some of the gadgets that you purchased for your child as a baby will still be of good use now, and this is part of the reason that it’s so important to invest in the right things for your baby. Quality products that will see you through until they are 2, 3 or 4 years of age do exist, and I hope that I manage to help you narrow your searches down as I can tell you the items that have withstood the test of time in our household with a boisterous 2 year old.

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